Quartetto Maurice + IRCAM

"Tensio" for string quartet and electronics, Philippe Manoury



Réalisateur en Informatique Musicale : Gilbert Nouno

Ingénieur du son: Julien Aléonard 


for more info: quartettomaurice@gmail.com


« When I compose, one of the biggest difficulties resides in the choice of the title. For me, the choice of the notes, the rhythms, the sounds, is nothing compared to the choice of the title. The title must summarize, signify, identify, and perhaps even evoke, suggest, imply. How is it possible to summarize a piece of music when it is difficult (but not impossible) to talk about it ? But one day, you have to choose. So I chose Tensio. It is a word that means « tension » in Italian. My first quartet was called Stringendo and the following – those that I imagine writing – will all have Italian, and not German, names. It is my way of deterritorializing history. The tension here is physical : it is that of the strings, stretched on the instruments that will be played, intensified by my while to return to the fundamental image of  a string strung between two points and to have it played in ranges so extreme that only technology can imagine. But other variations of tension, more psychological and more musical, could be created, I hope, through listening to this quartet » Philippe Manoury


IRCAM, the Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music, is one of the world’s largest public research centers dedicated to both musical expression and scientific research. A unique location where artistic sensibilities collide with scientific and technological innovation, Frank Madlener has directed the institute since 2006, bringing together over 160 people.

IRCAM's three principal activities — creation, research, transmission — are visible in IRCAM's Parisian concert season, in productions throughout France and abroad, in a new rendezvous created in June 2012, ManiFeste, that combines an international festival with a multidisciplinary academy.

Founded by Pierre Boulez, IRCAM is associated with the Centre Pompidou, under the tutelage of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. The mixed STMS research lab (Sciences and Technologies for Music and Sound), housed by IRCAM, also benefits from the support of the CNRS and the University Pierre and Marie Curie, as well as Inria (team-project MuTant).