a Streaming Apology for a Digital Underground

Spazio1984 born from this emergency time as the need to revisit the scenic space in an ideological and ideal one for artistic / technological conversion. A contextual redefinition therefore that, by provocatively stemming from the Orwellian dystopian hypothesis, generates the project / place Spazio1984 - Streaming Apology; meta-space and media-space in which the reinterpretation and defense of Streaming as a tool is poured with conviction. ​ Streaming as a technical tool that is reborn as an artistic support with which to experiment and confront, taking on the epochal responsibility for a hypothesis of innovation. By embracing the specifics of the medium through an experimental artistic mediation, which rejects its sterile application, we intend to redesign the productive and fruitful practices of live artistic production, thus shaping the birth of a new art. The digital context is already established and we have so far been absent from it: here we come. Late, indeed. ​ Apology as a socratic revolutionary commitment of the media until now unjustifiable, an approach projected towards the new cultural proletariat excluded from fruition, at the moment for public health causes, but before for cultural and social reasons. We therefore want to make an impact in reality by leaving the banal and deforming contestation of the technique that becomes critical of the future, an impetus to make creative opposition to nostalgia for the past, believing in the resilient and adaptive nature of being an artist. ​ The theatrical event dresses a new skin, experiencing the value of a dynamic crystallization, in which the motion of creativity converges and at the same time goes against the complete evanescence of a live and multiple act. The streaming process becomes a non-place of suspended time, a new container of the contemporary, made possible and repeatable if the subjects identify themselves in the new language as a POPular form, which will have to transform our evanescent digital bodies into poetic acts. ​

Every thought that lives the present without lying to itself can see, and understand, the future. ​

in collaboration: la terra galleggiante - metamorfosi notturne


first event 1st July 22.00!! ------> CORPO UNICO 

Corpo Unico - Sound Opera for animated and inanimate bodies: for string quartet, dancer, puppets and electronics.Adaptation for streaming. The work is organized on different space-time levels. Dramaturgy pushes the distance between the first stage of fiction in the theater and other virtual levels.​

Directed and Performed by Quartetto Maurice - Amalia Franco - Giulia Lorussso


second event 8th July 22.00 ------> FOUR TREES

Four Trees by Alexander Chernyskov, Marina Poluekhina, Vladimir Gorlinsky, Dario Fariello + Quartetto Maurice

opera for Composers and Performers

Four trees is a work between Oslo, Moskow, Wien and Pinerolo (Italy). In this work 4 composers will try to virtualy enter in the theatre space and the 4 performers (Quartetto Maurice) will be virtualy throw in the others cities. The space, fisicaly and timing, of the cities and the theatre are the focus of the opera.