Since its formation in 2002, a constant and tireless research on sound has been the trait that has best distinguished the Quartetto Maurice. After an in-depth investigation of the traditional classical repertoire, which has guaranteed a meticulous approach to the score and an extreme attention to the performance’s details, the Quartet showed the need to place the music of 20th and 21th centuries at the heart of its repertoire, exploring a great variety of contemporary languages.

The 4+1 project – where «4» stands for the string quartet and «1» is for electronics – highlights the will of the Quartetto to consider electronics as the full fifth member of the group, and to emphasize its «cameristic» aspect, capturing the suggestions offered by electronics, giving it a new relevance in the acoustic environment, and finally creating a flow of innovations in sound that resonates one with each other.

Over the years, the Quartetto Maurice carried out an intensive training in the contemporary music repertoire, together with the greatest performers and composers of the international scene. It is active in promoting new music through commissions to young composers, keeping an open mind on the complex contemporary music panorama.

Regularly invited to perform at the most important festivals and concert seasons across Europe, North and South America, the Quartetto performed at the Venice Biennale, at the Società del Quartetto di Milano, at the «November Music» festival in the Netherlands, at the «Italian Academy» of the Columbia University (New York), at «ManiFeste» in Paris, at the «Nuova Musica» festival in Macerata, at the «Open Music» festival in Graz, New Music Vancouver, etc.

The Quartetto received the support of several institutions such as De Sono – Associazione per la Musica (Turin), Freunde und Förderer des Internationalen Musikinstituts (Darmstadt), ProQuartet Association (Paris), CIDIM (Comitato Nazionale Italiano Musica). It has been selected to partecipated in the workshop for quartet+electronic in the framework of the Ulysses-Journeys during "ManiFeste 2017", supported by IRCAM. The Quartet is participating to the project "Le dimore del quartetto", in collaboration with ADSI. 

The Quartetto won the 35th Italian Music Critics Award «Franco Abbiati» dedicated to the memory of Piero Farulli in 2015 and the Kranichsteiner Stipendium Preis at the 48th Ferienkurse fur Neue Musik in Darmstadt in 2016.


  • Georgia Privitera: violin
  • Laura Bertolino: violin
  • Francesco Vernero: alto
  • Aline Privitera: cello