"Metamorfosi Notturne" was created by Quartetto Maurice to organize new events related to the field of contemporary music, electronic sound and avant-garde research. As really new constitution, the Association's institutional goals include promoting and disseminating new musical languages, through the organization of concerts, festivals, conferences and through the production of recording and publishing material. The activity of the Quartet has always been devoted to the study of the new music and to the increase in new repertoire, it should therefore be to integrate perfectly with the aims of the Association, with the aim of having a more solid and efficient structure within which bring all the artistic intent of the quartet formation. The initiatives that the associaziton wants to promote priorities are: concerts in Turin area and district, commissions of new music by young composers and activities about research on electronic music with string quartet.



President, Aline Privitera

Vicepresident, Laura Bertolino

Segretario, Georgia Privitera

Advisers, Luca Morino and Georgina Castro Kustner



tel. 0039-3333885268