New Music for Four


  • Alessandro Ratoci Bio

Commission by Associazione Metamorfosi Notturne


  • Lea Bertucci

Commission by Associazione Metamorfosi Notturne for Musica in Prossimità 2021

  • Claudio Panariello

Commission by Associazione Metamorfosi Notturne for Musica in Prossimità 2021



  •  Giulia Lorusso Bio

Commission by Associazione Metamorfosi Notturne e ProQuartet



  • Zeno Baldi Bio

Commission by De Sono Associazione per la musica and Fondazione I Teatri Reggio Emilia

Reggio Emilia, 16th June 2019


  • Matteo Franceschini Bio

La Scala Paris, June 2019 World Premiere



  • Philippe Mayer

aDevantgarde Festival, May 2019


  • Alexander Strauch Bio

aDevantgarde Festival​, May 2019



  • Paolo Aralla ​Bio

Vancouver New Music Festival 2018 commission


  • Giuliano Bracci Bio

Festival Distat Terra, Istituto Italiano di Cutura di Buenos Aires


  • François Paris

Le Cas Jekyll Opéra  info

Texte de Christine Montalbetti // Mise en scène Jacques Osinski



Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik Commission // 17th November 2017 World Premier


    Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik Commission // 17th November 2017 World Premier


      Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik Commission // 17th November 2017 World Premier


        Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik Commission // 17th November 2017 World Premier


        Museum De Pont Commission // 16th September 2017


        • Marco Momi Bio

        Quartetto Maurice commission 2017 with the support of Associazione Metamorfosi Notturne

        The new piece "Vuoi che i passi accadano" was performed in May 19th 2017 in Pinerolo, Teatro del Lavoro, "Musica in prossimità"



        • Silvia Borzelli Bio

        Quartetto Maurice commission 2016 with the support of the Fonds Podium Kunsten Nederlands

        The new piece "Earwitness" was performed in February 27th 2016 in Pinerolo, Teatro del Lavoro, "Musica in prossimità"




        • Ryan Carter Bio

        Quartetto Maurice commission 

        "Four or Four Plus One" di Ryan Carter (2014)

        "Four or Four Plus One is my fourth string quartet, commissioned by Quartetto Maurice and composed in 2014. The piece is scored for string quartet with or without fixed media; it can be performed either as an acoustic quartet or as a work with electronic sounds. Unfolding in slow motion, Four or Four Plus One stretches a single musical idea to occupy the duration of the entire piece." Ryan Carter

        The piece was premiered at "Italian Academy of Columbia Univeristy" in New York on march 25th 2015



        • Luiz E. Casteloes Bio

        In 2014 he composed "5 Sons para Noel Rosa" for Quartetto Maurice:

        "This work is a sort of transposition of the postmodern literary genre known as 'historiographic metafiction' (i.e. rewriting 'history' through 'fiction') to the realm of music. It is also my first attempt at an Arrangement/Commentary Form – a multi-movement form in which popular music arrangements alternate with independent 'New Music' commentaries derived thereof. Noel Rosa (1910-1937), one of the founding fathers of Brazilian modern popular song, is chosen as the musical protagonist for this particular work. The music then alternates among several fictitious Noel Rosas: a polyphonic-dancer Noel, a Portuguese fadista Noel, a Funk maker Noel, etc" Luiz.

        Quartetto Maurice recorded the piece in the art gallery "en plein air" of Pinerolo (TO):

        Recording and mastering by Federico Pianciola.


        In 2016 he composed "7 Fabricas".

        Quartetto Maurice recorded the piece in "Casa Lajolo" Piossacaso (TO) with the support of "IberMusicas" and "Le dimore del quartetto, associazioone Piero Farulli":

        recording and mastering by Federico Pianciola.