In 2021, it was during a concert in Italy that the members of the Maurice Quartet and the SoloVoices ensemble met.

The obvious similarities as well as a mutual commitment to contemporary creation immediately led to the desire for a joint project.

The project "Spiegel Spiele" (Games of Mirrors) invites the composers Justé Janulyté and Bernhard Lang to work on different scales: Large eight-part ensemble, double quartet, shadow games of doubles and associations. What could be more similar to a string quartet than a vocal quartet? And yet, within the ensembles themselves, the personalities, characteristics and individualities are clearly differentiated.

The group dynamics, the coherence of the timbres and the play of reflections where the various elements recognize each other, move apart and meet are aspects of the almost daily work of the ensembles SoloVoices and Quartetto Maurice.

"Spiegel Spiel" expresses the wish to merge sounds and personalities and invites to a reflection on what it means to see oneself, to recognize oneself and to recognize oneself as different from what one thought one was.

Three residencies are planned, which the two quartets will carry out first in their respective production centers in their cities and a final one in close collaboration with the composers.

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