Masterclass for string quartet composition or contemporary repertoire for string quartet



Masterclass for young composers in collaboration with the classes of composition and electronic music 

Future masterclass: Two-year period 2021-2023

Current masterclass: Two-year period 2019-2021

Previous masterclasses: Academic Year 2018/2019 and Academic Year 2017/2018


Call for Scores + Reading Sessions + Feedback-Meetings 

from 17th to 26th July 2021 (Graz)


Masterclass for composers with Clara Iannotta

from 5th to 10th October 2021 (Bludenz)


Workshop for young composers

Previous Editions: Dicember 2016 and Dicember 2018

Next Edition: 2021, info soon!


Masterclass for young string quartets

Previous edition: 15 and 16th June 2019


Some student's recordings