4+1. String quartet and electronics

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Quartetto Maurice // 4+1 // Romitelli - Lanza - Agostini - Borzelli  ---Stradivarius---
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ANDREA AGOSTINI // computer musician

Andrea Agostini studied composition with Alessandro Solbiati, Giovanni Verrando, Paolo Aralla, as well as electronic music with Lelio Camilleri in Bologna, his hometown. Later he participated in masterclasses with Ivan Fedele, Brian Ferneyhough, Michael Jarrell, François Paris. From 2008 to 2010 he attended the two-year course in composition and musical informatics at IRCAM, in Paris. His catalogue includes several works of instrumental, electro-acoustic and mixed music. He has won several prizes and awards, and received commissions from several of the most important European institutions, including the French Ministry of Culture in 2007 and the Louvre Museum in 2011. His music is regularly performed in the major European festivals, including Agora, Musica, MiTo, REC, Rondò and the Venice Biennale. His curiosity for the totality of musical languages brought him to work in the domains of rock and improvisation, and to study non-Western musical traditions. He is an active Computer Music researcher: he is one of the developers of the computer-assisted composition system bach: automated composer's helper, he has been a research assistant at the Haute Ecole de Musique in Geneva as well as a composer in research at IRCAM and he teaches electronic music at the Turin Conservatory.

Others collaborations:

LUCA MORINO // sound director assistant

CARLO LAURENZI // sound engineer



Fausto Romitelli (1963-2004): "Natura morta con fiamme" for string quartet and electronics

Simon Steen Andersen (1976): "Study for string instrument #2" for cello and whammy pedal

Andrea Agostini (1975): "Legno sabbia vetro cenere" for string quartet and electronics

Ryan Carter (1981): "Four or Four Plus One" for string quartet and electronics

Steve Reich (1936): "Triple quartet" for string quartet and tape

Valerio Murat (1976): "Coppi" for string quartet, electronics and video

Giulio Colangleo (1987): "Organismo aperto n.1" string quartet with electronics 

Philippe Manoury (1952): "Tensio" (see more)

Marco Momi: "Vuoi che i passi accadano" for string quartet and electronics (Quartetto Maurice 2017 commission)

Jonathan HarveyString Quartet n.4 

Silvia Borzelli : "Earwitness"  for string quartet and electronics (Quartetto Maurice 2016 commission)

Mauro Lanza: "The 1987 Max Headroom Broadcast Incident" for string quartet and electronics 



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